Monday, 30 June 2014

GlossyBox UK - Unboxing - June 2014

 So here is my first post for this blog. I thought I would start off with something simple, an unboxing. This is the GlossyBox for the month of June. It is now the 30th therefore I apologise for this being up so late. Here I am already apologising in my first post, this is going to go well! Anyway, for the next, possible, unboxing posts I will try and do them A LOT sooner!

100ml - £3 Currently on sale in Boots for £2!

This is product caught my eye as soon as I opened the box. This is a hair product by Schwarzkopf got2b. It is from the Rise 'n Shine range and it's called Soufflé. The product itself looks great! It has this pretty pink colour and a fun light and airy formula. Another plus is that it smells great! This product claims to give you texture volume and silky shine. There is little information on the packaging as to how to use it and unfortunately I have not received an information card with my box so all the information and prices I looked up myself. So on their website it says to "rub between your palms, work through the lengths of dry hair...". What I love about this is that it is to use on dry hair as I tend to wash my hair the night before and therefore applying styling products to it is not always the best solution! I will give this a go and hopefully write a little review on here for it!

Full size - £17.95 at

Up next was this beautiful product by So Susan! I am just in love with the packaging design, and I am always a sucker when it comes to stuff like that! They have called it the Universal Blush as it is meant to work "with your skin's natural chemistry to create a universal healthy flush that is flattering on all skintones." After reading about the product on their website I found out it is a little more than just a typical blush? It is made with Buriti Fruit Oil which repairs epidermis. This means, if I have done my research right, that it helps to protect your skin from UV light as well as improve skin elasticity. This brand is also 100% against animal cruelty, which is always a positive! The shade itself is stunning, a slightly muted pink with, what seems to be, a golden sheen. Therefore it is not too overwhelming! I am excited to try it out!

Full set - £32

This was the next product in my box. A set by Roger & Gallet. This included a sample of their shower cream, body lotion and Fresh fragrant water. On the packaging it says that the shower cream is for sensitive skin whereas the lotion is for dry and sensitive skin. I am yet to try the sample out so if anyone wants a review let me know in the comment section and I will try my best! However, I was able to spritz a little of the fragrant water and it smells so beautiful and fresh! On their website its says that the scent is fruit floral and fig inspired, which I can definitely tell!

Full size - £13.50

 Most of the nail polishes I own are by BarryM as the formula really works for me and they are super inexpensive! Therefore I would like to see how this works and compare it to my BarryM Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener as this claims to do the same but for a lot higher price! 

Lastly in my box was a Flat Stiff Brush by TeezTrend cosmetics, retailing at €19. There is no picture for this product as somehow I have lost it! Therefore I am really sorry but I am sure it can be found online! The design of the handle is super funky, similar to the outer packaging which you can see in the first photo. The brush can be used to apply cream and powder eyeshadow. I do like the brush however I feel like the bristles are not as soft as they could be, but the weight of the brush is really good and it sits perfectly in your hand!

Overall I am pretty happy with my box! I will be trying every product out and possibly putting up some reviews on here so comment if you would like to see any of the products reviewed! This was my first ever post on here so I hope it was not too bad but I welcome any feedback and will be happy to make improvements! 

Thank you for reading!

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